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    The central theme of ICAS 2023 is "Innovative Design-Based Education Practices: the Power of Making."

    We cordially invite submissions for the upcoming academic conference on "Innovative Design-Based Education Practices: The Power of Making." This interdisciplinary event aims to explore the transformative impact of integrating design-based approaches into education, with a specific focus on the profound influence of hands-on, experiential learning.

    Leading scholars and researchers are encouraged to contribute original papers that delve into the dynamic interplay between creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking in education. We also welcome investigations into the integration of modern technologies and innovative methodologies to enhance educational outcomes.

    This conference seeks to foster insightful discussions, cultivate collaborative learning environments, and inspire new paradigms in the realm of convergence education. We believe that your contributions can significantly enrich the discourse on the power of making and its potential to revolutionize the educational landscape.
    Submission guidelines and important dates can be found on our conference website []. The conference aims to explore various subtopics, including but not limited to:
    - Understanding the quality of education through innovative design-based practices: knowing the students, knowing the system, knowing your school.
    - Examining the effects of social and emotional learning on student well-being within innovative design-based education practices.
    - Assessing the impact of teacher training on student learning outcomes within innovative design-based education practices.
    - Investigating the influence of classroom design on student learning within innovative design-based education practices.
    - Exploring the connection between school funding and student achievement within innovative design-based education practices.

    We eagerly anticipate your submissions and look forward to an enriching academic exchange.

    Thank you for your interest in contributing to this event.

    Sincerely, 2023 ICAS organizing committee

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  • Unlock the Potential of Creation at ICAS 2023 Unlock the Potential of Creation at ICAS 2023
  • Who will join us?
    • A Student, teacher, researcher, professor, entrepreneur who has a membership in ISAS. To become a member of ISAS, Please sign up in our website Detail (Click)

    Participation as… :
    • Oral presenter, workshop presenter, poster presenter, audience, etc. Detail (Click)

    ICAS 2023 will be held online:
    • According to the international environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online Link information will be announced on our website.

  • Instrucutions for Authors


    This conference welcomes all discussions that interrogate convergence education and a new paradigm shift in education in the age of Coronavirus and beyond. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

    • 1) Exploring the Value of Convergence (STEAM) Education for Future-making

    • 2) Attempts at Convergence (STEAM) Education throughout the COVID-19 Era, and Convergence (STEAM) Education Standards Post-COVID-19

    • 3) Convergence (STEAM) Education’s Roles and Tasks in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals after COVID-19

    Submission Guidelines

    Please follow the submission guidelines.

    1. Oral Presentation - Live streaming presentation using the ICAS
    * abstract form.
    2. Oral Presentation - Pre-record presentation using the ICAS
    * abstract form.
    3. Online-Poster - Please submit using the ICAS
    teachers using the ICAS * poster form

    ICAS 2023 is calling for abstract submissions.

    • Please submit your abstract or poster on [Menu-Conference-Abstract Submission] no later than October 15.

    • Please send your pre-recorded video to our email only those involved.)

    • Oral presentation and workshop abstract should be completed in English(maximum 300 words)

    • Please refer to the attached form and send in a brief biography with your photo together.

    • Contact us :

    ICAS Abstract format ICAS Poster template
  • Important Steps Deadline
    Abstract Submission Deadline (Paper/Poster) October 15/ 2023
    Conference Day November 3/ 2023

    Please submit your abstract or poster to our website [Abstract Submission] no later than October 15.
    You can download the required format on our Website [Instruction for Authors]. Choose the right format for your participating session.

    Detailed information for the live/ pre-recorded/ poster presenters will be provided on [Instruction for Authors].