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This conference welcomes all discussions that interrogate convergence education and a new paradigm shift in education in the age of Coronavirus and beyond. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • 1) Exploring the Value of Convergence (STEAM) Education for Future-making

  • 2) Attempts at Convergence (STEAM) Education throughout the COVID-19 Era, and Convergence (STEAM) Education Standards Post-COVID-19

  • 3) Convergence (STEAM) Education’s Roles and Tasks in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals after COVID-19

Submission Guidelines

Please follow the submission guidelines.

1. Oral Presentation - Live streaming presentation using the ICAS
* abstract form.
2. Oral Presentation - Pre-record presentation using the ICAS
* abstract form.
3. Online-Poster - Please submit using the ICAS
teachers using the ICAS * poster form

ICAS 2022 is calling for abstract submissions.

  • Please submit your abstract or poster on [Menu-Conference-Abstract Submission] no later than October 15.

  • Please send your pre-recorded video to our email only those involved.)

  • Oral presentation and workshop abstract should be completed in English(maximum 300 words)

  • Please refer to the attached form and send in a brief biography with your photo together.

  • Contact us :

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