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  • ICAS 2024
    The central theme of ICAS 2024 is: 'Convergence Education in the age of AI.'

    We extend a warm invitation to participate in our upcoming academic conference focused on 'Convergence Education in the age of AI.'
    This interdisciplinary event aims to delve into the evolving landscape of education as artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shape our daily lives.

    We encourage scholars and researchers to submit original papers that delve into the dynamic relationship between AI and education. Additionally, we welcome studies investigating the integration of AI technologies and innovative methodologies to enhance educational outcomes.

    Our conference aims to facilitate insightful discussions, foster collaborative learning environments, and inspire new approaches in convergence education. We are confident that your contributions will significantly enrich the dialogue surrounding the transformative potential of AI in education.

    For detailed submission guidelines and important dates, please visit our conference website [].
    There are two areas for your participation: 1) Oral presentation (15 mins) and 2) poster.
    Please submit the abstract by 30th of Sept.

    The conference will cover a range of subtopics, including but not limited to:

    [ICAS 2024] sub-themes
    1) Good practices and research insights of convergence education
    2) Successful case studies of convergence education
    3) Effective strategies for educators to use educational tools in their teaching practices
    4) Effective strategies for educators to leverage AI tools in their teaching practices
    5) Ethical considerations related to the use of generative AI in educational contexts

    We eagerly await your submissions and anticipate a stimulating academic exchange.
    Thank you for your interest in contributing to this event.

    Warm regards,
    The 2024 ICAS Organizing Committee

  • Who will join us?
    • A Student, teacher, researcher, professor, entrepreneur who has a membership in ISAS. To become a member of ISAS, Please sign up in our website Detail (Click)

    Participation as… :
    • Oral presenter, workshop presenter, poster presenter, audience, etc. Detail (Click)

    ICAS 2024 will be held online:
    • According to the international environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online Link information will be announced on our website.