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Fall 2020

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  • ICAS 2020
    "Challenge into New Normal"

    October 23, 2020
    the International Society for the Advancement of STEAM

    ICAS Fall 2020 has its main theme 'Challenge into New Normal' in that the uncertainty of COVID-19 strongly encourages us to consider the necessity of changing educational practices and systems. Now is the time to prepare for educational innovation for Post-COVID, tracing the core of education. Increasing online educational courses has brought out the problems of prior educational system, teacher-centered instruction. This conference has the international platform to discuss various ideas regarding the theme, with educational practices and academic perspectives. It also aims to suggest how to reform education to raise competent students leading the 4th industrial revolution in the era of Post-COVID.

    In general, experts expect that we cannot remove COVID-19, rather will persistently live with the virus, like influenza, in our all life. Based on those concerns, the discussions of 'New Normal' have been ongoing in all areas for now. The term means that abnormal things or phenomena in the past are currently recognized as the normal. For example, wearing masks, telecommuting, web-conferences, and remote medical consults that we could not regard as natural before COVID-19 become necessary after COVID-19. In education, the discussion of New Normal is also underway with the expansion of online classes, urging the role of teachers to be transformed from the transmitter to the facilitator of knowledge, which prioritizes coaching to teaching. Stressing the feature of constructive and recreative knowledge, the teacher's role as a facilitator will be in conjunction with the refashioned status of students as not passive but active agents. Therefore, educational New Normal could take us into the sphere of more personalized learning for all students, for instance, in the way of employing artificial intelligence learning or machine learning. However, this educational New Normal should not be regarded only as a recent issue, because student-centered education is no other than the core of education. Ultimately, the innovative educational model in the New Normal era can be accepted not as the appearance of the unfamiliar educational practice but the recovery of the nature of education.

    The New Normal era may provide a valuable opportunity for a movement that involves ‘stretching’ ourselves towards the many minutes of silence we cannot hear in the existing education. Of course, there are concerns that online courses, one example of the New Normal Era, would widen educational inequalities and increase the existing achievement gap. We will also touch upon the concerns.

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Opening Session
    Opening address Seoung-Hey Paik
    Chairman, International Society for the Advancement of STEAM
    Congratulatory address Jong-woo Kim
    President of Korea National University of Education
    Welcoming address Chungwon Cho
    Chairperson, Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM, Korea
    Opening Ceremony Haneul-sori
    Ocarina group
    Closing Session
    Closing Ceremony Rocky Byun
    Balancing Artist
    Closing Address Hogul Park
    Vice-Chair / 4D Mathematical Science Creativity Research Institute, Korea
  • Who will join us?
    • A Student, teacher, researcher, professor, entrepreneur who has a membership in ISAS. To become a member of ISAS, Please sign up in our website Detail (Click)

    Participation as… :
    • Oral presenter, workshop presenter, poster presenter, audience, etc. To participate in ICAS, Please submit your paper or poster and pay a participation fee.Detail (Click)

    ICAS 2020 will be held online:
    • According to the international environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online Link information will be announced on our website.

  • ICAS 2020 Fall intends to provide a platform to question and discuss the role of future STEAM education. We are pleased to announce the main theme of ICAS 2020 Fall, as "Challenge into New Normal" We welcome papers that interpret the terms such as “New Normal” and “challenge” in educational contexts, especially convergence education, paying attention to the alternatives to the existing schools or the nature of education. This conference will muse on the topic of how our use of the term, 'New Normal' can allow us to understand the past, present, and future of education fully.

    Possible topics include but are not limited to:
    Part I Future and innovation of convergence education in New Normal
    • Changes in STEAM education

    • Global, National, and Regional STEAM education in COVID-19

    • The nature of convergence education as new normal.

    • Shifting Convergence education policy and strategy

    • The success conditions of future STEAM education in Post-COVID

    Part II Convergence Education Methodology and New Normal
    • STEAM education in Early childhood education

    • STEAM education in Primary/Secondary education

    • STEAM education for Students in crisis

    • STEAM education in Special education

    • Creative education/Gifted education

    • STEAM education in Higher/Lifelong education

    The following participants should submit your paper by September 21, 2020, and follow the schedule thereafter.

    check Oral Presentation - Live streaming presentation Please submit using the ICAS *paper template
    check Oral Presentation - Pre-record presentation
    check Workshop- Live presentation for Primary/Secondary school student
    check Online-Poster Please submit using the ICAS *poster form.
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    Abstract Submission Deadline (Paper/Poster) September 21/ 2020
    Acceptance/Revision Announcement September 28/ 2020
    Final Abstract Submission Deadline October 7/ 2020
    Pre-recorded Video
    Submission Deadline
    (For only those involved)
    October 7/ 2020
    Proceedings Release October 16/ 2020
    Please submit your paper or poster to our website [Submission] no later than September 21.
    • You can download the required format on our Website [Instruction for Authors]. Choose the right format for your participating session. If the ICAS Paper template is not followed as is, you will be asked for revisions.

    • Detailed information for the live/ pre-recorded/ poster presenters will be provided on [Call for Paper].