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Fall 2021

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    The topic of ICAS Fall 2021 Conference is "Convergence, Creativities & Design in STEAM Education". This season’s conference welcomes discussions that investigate to explicate the nature of creative practices in educational design across disciplines.

    An oft-cited quote from Steve Jobs in a Wired interview from 1996 states,

    “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they've had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. Unfortunately, that's too rare a commodity. A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.”

    Wolf, G. (1996). Steve Jobs: The next insanely great thing. Wired Magazine, 4, 67-76.

    A powerful statement like this can urge us towards a rethinking of the creative process in the context of education as well. Both STEAM integration and Convergent approaches in education can contribute to connected thinking and enhance the flow of creativities across subject-matter silos.

    In response to this, transdisciplinary education is receiving increasing attention. Educational design research is a methodology in which the iterative development of solutions to practical and complex problems of education provides the setting for scientific inquiry which can yield new knowledge (Spector, J. Michael, M. David Merrill, Jan Elen, M. J. Bishop, Eds, Handbook of Research on Educational Communications Technology, Springer, 2013, pp.131-140). Along these lines, ICAS Fall 2021 will explore educational designs that enable creative thinking that fosters and intensifies collaboration between disciplines.

    Topics for this conference include

    • Design studies in STEAM education

    • Examples of the creative process from the field of STEAM education

    • STEAM educational design from the technology perspective

    • STEAM curriculum design research

    • Assessing STEAM education design and creative process

    • Quality criteria for measuring creativity in the context of STEAM education

    • Large-scale impact of STEAM education for creative thinkings

    • And more...

  • fall 2021 fall 2021

    We are extremely excited to announce our two keynotes speaker for the conference:

    Pamela Burnard(Arts, Creativities and Educations at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK)
    Eun Young Jung(Department of Art Education, Korea National University of Education, Republic of Korea)

    The Date and Time: October 22 (Friday), 16:00-17:00 (KST), 09:00-10:00(CEST)

  • Timetable
    Korea Standard Time
    (Central European Summer Time)
    Program Run Time
    Opening Session Moderator: Young-Hoon Kim (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 615 621 1648 / Password: 3641)
    Opening Address: Seoung-Hey Paik
    Chairman, International Society for the Advancement of STEAM, Korea
    Congratulatory address: Jonglok Yoon
    Former Vice-Minister of Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning, Korea
    Welcoming address: Chung Won Cho
    Chairperson, Foundation for the Advancement of STEAM, Korea
    Opening Ceremony
    Korean traditional music: “Pansori”, Chunhyangga – Matted Hair
    Keynote Remarks Moderator: Young-Hoon Kim (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 615 621 1648 / Password: 3641)
    Pamela Burnard, “Re-visioning posthumanist transdisciplinary creativities and pedagogies: New directions”
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Eun Young Jung, “Some reflections on convergence, creativity, and instructional design in the era of constant turns”
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    A Joint Session between Korean and European STEAM Experts Moderator: Christopher Brownell (Fresno Pacific University, USA) and Kristof Fenyvesi (Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Finland)
    ZOOM (ID: 615 621 1648 / Password: 3641)
    Hanna Lee, Soojin Kim, and Kwangsoon Jeong
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “Exploring issues occurred in STEAM education’s establishment process as school education: Focusing on the case of 2nd grade STEAM class of Korean H elementary school” 80‘
    Go-kyoung Kim, and Seoung-Hey Paik
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “A Study on the Effects of Modeling-Based Science Education Program on the Scientific Literacy of 4th Grade Elementary School Students”
    Youngmi Kim
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “Model-based teaching in geography education”
    Janika Leoste
    Tallinn University, Estonia
    “Supporting the sustained adoption of emerging technologies by focusing on the key innovation process factors in certain innovation process stages”
    Zsolt Lavicza
    Johannes Kepler University, Austria
    Soon to be announced
    Break Time 30'
    Session 1 Live Oral Presentations Moderator: Young-Hoon Kim (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 615 621 1648 / Password: 3641)
    19:00(12:00)~ Hogul Park
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “The Fundamentals of 4Dframe and Creative Play-based Learning”
    Carla M. A. Pinto, Lurdes Babo, and Jorge Mendonça
    Polytechnic of Porto, University of Porto, and Polytechnic of Porto, PORTUGAL
    “Students’ impressions of their social, teaching and cognitive presences in a b- learning environment”
    Agus Setio, and Gusnandar Yoga Utama
    SMPN, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    “Students’ creativity profiles in constructing independent gates using 4dframe”
    Debo Simbolon, Uncok Manigor Jokkas Siahaan, and Farida Nurhasanah
    SMP, Esa Cipta Harapan School, Sebelas Maret University and SEAMEO, Indonesia
    “Analysis of students’ creative and critical thinking in designing ‘Katuktak’ on STEAM project using 4D frame toolkit”
    Thierry (Noah) Dana-Picard, and Sara Hershkovitz
    Jerusalem College of Technology, and Levinsky Academic College for Education, Israel.
    “Reflexions on pedagogic endeavors for STEAM Education during Covid-19 waves”
    Dwi Supriyanto
    SMP, Indonesia
    “STEAM learning using 4d frame media in increasing motivation and creative thinking in mathematics lesson for 8th grades junior high school 2 Blitar”
    Session 2 Live Oral Presentations Moderator: Youngmi Kim (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 876 7136 3907 / Password: 407292)
    19:00(12:00)~ Joko Hariaji
    SMPN, Indonesia
    Steven L. Jacobs
    Faraday Laboratory & Studios, USA
    “Stem skill building for underserved students; a wizard’s creative strategy”
    Jihee Kang
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “What creativity should we foster?: Difference of creativity between art and science and its implications for STEAM education”
    Laili Khairi, and Ummy Salmah
    Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Bilingual School, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    Dennis Denise
    St. Catherine High School, Jamaica
    “Integrating STEAM Practices in the Social Studies Clasroom”
    Novi Purnama Sari, and Miftahul Hidayah
    SMPN, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    “The effects of STEAM project using 4Dframe in the context of Palembang cultural heritage on students' attitude towards mathematics”
    Leonard Sommer
    “Classroom Thinktank – How To Foster Creativity In 21stCentury Education”
    Session 3 Live Oral PresentationsModerator: Kyeongsik Choi (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 886 7581 1760 / Password: 377016)
    19:00(12:00)~ Jiyoung Myung
    Sunwha Music and art highschool, Korea
    “Shall we share our Talent?”
    Rio Mardani Suhardi, and Gusnandar Yoga Utama
    SMPN, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    “The effect of using STEAM + 4Dframe learning on developing students' computational thinking skills“
    CHENG Wing Kin
    Freelance educator, author and researcher, Hong Kong
    “Learning Mathematics in a digital environment - A case in grade 5 classrooms in Hong Kong”
    Syakti Perdana Sriyansyah, Tumarsan Siholea, and Farida Nurhasanah
    Global Prestasi School, and Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia.
    “Bringing the traditional technology of fishing traps ‘bubu’ into the STEAM classroom project”
    Tantan Sutandi Nugraha, and Ummy Salmah
    SMPN, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    “Fostering students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills through STEAM integrated project-based learning by using 4D frame”
    Rinus Roelofs
    Sculptor, Netherlands
    “Constructions with folding angles of 90 degrees only – A limitation or a challenge?”
    Session 4 Pre-Recorded Presentations Moderator: Soojin Kim (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 864 8091 7433 / Password: 20211022)
    19:00(12:00)~ Soyul Yi and YoungJun Lee
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “Development of STEAM Course about Science Exploration using Machine Learning Educational Platform for High School Students”
    Eti Herawati, and Nurhudin
    SMP, Indonesia
    “Implementation of STEAM project-based learning “taman mini imun booster digital based on QR code assisted by 4dframe” to improve mathematics learning outcomes for 8th grades students at SMP negeri satu atap 2 krangkeng, Indramayu“
    T.F. Blanco and A. Fernández-López
    University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    Ika Kartika
    SMP, Indonesia
    Kristinawati, and Uki Rahmawati
    SMP, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    “Supporting students’ communication and critical thinking skill through STEAM project “the sets in the zoo”: a case study”
    Péter Négyesi,
    Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary
    “The role of big data in adaptive e-learning systems”
    Session 5 Pre-Recorded Presentations Moderator: Hyunshik Ju (Korea National University of Education, Korea)
    ZOOM (ID: 816 2322 1780 / Password: 3034)
    19:00(12:00)~ Ni Made Anita Widjaja
    SMP, Indonesia
    “STEAM approach to increase activeness and motivation to learn using 4D frame in grade 7 SMP Taman Rama Jimbaran”
    Nuha Fazlussalam
    Islamic International School PSM Magetan, Indonesia
    “Development of learning kit with open ended-STEAM approach using 4dframe media to improve mathematical creative thinking ability”
    Tri Ratnaningsih, and Miftahul Hidayah
    SMPN, and SEAMEO QITEP, Indonesia
    “Fostering students’ motivation to learn mathematics through STEAM project using 4Dframe toolkit”
    Kukhwa Lee, and Seoung-Hey Paik
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    “A Literature Study on Pedagogical Practices in Convergence Education”
    Hana Siddiquee
    Agile in Education USA, USA
    Session 6. A GeoGebra Workshop Moderator: Kyeongsik Choi (Korea National Education of University, Korea)
    Register at this site:
    10:00-13:00 The Present and Future of Education Using Dynamic Math Software 180'
    Daewon Son
    Jinju Foreign Language Highschool, Korea
    “Constructing a regular polyhedron using a structure”
    Sookyung Jeon
    Daegu High School of International Studies, Korea
    “Computer algebra and dynamic geometry using GeoGebra”
    Daeyoung Lee
    Umsa Middle School, Korea
    “Paper-folding Mathematics with GeoGebra”
    Session 7. Poster Session with Metaverse
    14:30-16:00(07:30-09:00) 1. Hogul Park, Kyeongsik Choi, and Seoung-Hey Paik, “Developing experiencing Centroid curriculum using 4Dframe”
    Korea National University of Education, Korea

    2. Kyeongsik Choi, Seoung-Hey Paik, “Development of Pre-Service Teachers’ TPACK Evaluation Framework”
    Korea National University of Education, Korea

    3. Saerom Im, Kyeongsik Choi, Kyunghoon Min, and Seoung-Hey Paik, “Developing principles in music teaching and learning on convergence education”
    Gangbuk Middle School, and Korea National University of Education, Korea

    4. Woojin Oh, Kyeongsik Choi, and Seoung-Hey Paik, “Effects of GeoGebra Dynamic Modeling Lessons on Moon Phases”
    Muryong High School, and Korea National University of Education, Korea

    5. Eun hee Park, and Bong-Seok Kim, “EMOTIONAL convergence cultural heritage education”
    Korea National university of Education, Korea

    6. Hye won Shin and Bong-Seok Kim, “The educational implications of history education through a multi-scalar approach”
    Korea National university of Education, Korea

    7. Sol-Ji Lee, and Bong-Seok Kim, “Implications of Lao-Tzu’s idea for Population Education”
    Korea National University of Education, Korea
    fall2021 fall2021
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    October 6/ 2021
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